• ChillBoat 2

Chill-Boat - Europe’s first electric boat

Our electric boat will let You enjoy hours of cruising without any particular effort. The ChillBoat offers spacious and recumbent seats that fit two or three people. Thanks to these comfortable eco-leather seats, the ChillBoat perfectly defines the concept of relaxation. Our fabulous sun lounger is also loaded with convertible bimini top that will protect you from excessive sun and waterproof stereo, that will let you listen to your favourite music at all times during the trip. On hot, sunny days everybody can enjoy drinks chilled in the onboard refrigerator. The ChillBoat is very easy to operate and steer. Thanks to excellent maneuverability can be captained by 10 year old children. But fot its modern and ergonomic design ChillBoat will certainly draw the attention of many water sports enthusiasts.

Main features of electric powered boat:

  • quiet
  • 100% ecological thanks to zero emission of CO2
  • high stability thanks to the catamaran-type hull
  • easy for transportation
  • easy for operation
  • for people aged 10 and above
  • no need of oil and filter change
  • operates well in all weather conditions
  • simple construction eliminates risk of expensive repairs
  • easy to slip thanks to the integrated wheels
  • onboard freezer
  • marine stereo with anti-theft system
  • convertible bimini top protects from sun or rain
  • fully charged standard battery should last for up to 4 hours and up to 10 hours with additional battery set

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